Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm back!

Not that anyone actually reads this thing, but just in case. My injuries are gone (finally) and I've been running again for the last 3 months. I've lost the few pounds I added while sitting around doing nothing, and I've started to ramp up my base mileage in anticipation of training for the 2007 Houston Marathon in January. I registered for it last week so I wouldn't change my mind. I'm going to use one of the Pfitz training plans this year, which combined with lower weight should produce a far faster time than the '06 marathon. Hopefully the temperature will be lower this year as well. I've been running mostly in the afternoons in 95+ degree heat, but by the time the marathon rolls around my body will have forgotten what that's like. Last year I definitely didn't take in enough fluids or salt, so I've been careful to drink a lot to get my stomach used to it.

I'm also training for the Conquer the Coast 65 mile bike ride in Corpus Christi at the end of September. I bought a new Trek 1500 and all of the various gear and accessories to help ease the human/bike interface points: feet, hands, and butt, all of which hurt after 15-20 miles. I've been riding mostly on the weekends, with a couple of longer rides with friends out in the burbs. I hate leaving the loop, but riding in the city can be a little hair-raising. I've found the bike to be a great way to do speed workouts without all the banging on my legs, and I've been able to ride and get a good workout in when my knees/shins/feet/ankles don't feel up to running. It's definitely a good workout; there have been times when I can barely walk when I get off the thing. I have a far deeper respect for pro cyclists now that I've tried it.


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